* emilie inc.: Wedding of Melissa + Steve at the Inn on Peaks

"So far as we can discern the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of sheer being."
- Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology

A beautiful bride and a dashing groom.  Yellow and grey with a pop of red, my new favorite wedding colors.  Fun portraits in the Old Port.  A water taxi ride to a Peaks Island wedding.  Lobster hats for Bel Biv DeVoe's "Poison."  And the most moving toast that I have ever heard.

Melissa and Steve's wedding at the Inn on Peaks was one for the record books.  

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* Singles: Celery Leaf Salad + Tuna Melt

This year is my first growing celery, and I am a fan.  Easy, relatively quick growing, and you can eat the whole stalk.  Jim Lausier, the local Peaks Island gardener and owner of Lausier Family Gardens, informed my landlord that the celery leaves can be clipped off and included with your salad and regular lettuce.  I'm certain this would be tasty, but I just decided to go for an entire celery leaf salad.  The leaves are a tad thicker and tougher than lettuce, but I welcomed the hearty roughage and strong flavor.  I couldn't pin point the flavor, but I think it is a bitter tasting leaf, so I countered that with sweet stuff -- cherry tomatoes, extra ripe peach, and rice vinegar.  The rest of the celery was finely chopped into my tuna, added a little mayo, melted swiss cheese on the only bread I had, and voila... my lunch.  The creamy tuna melt also helped counter the celery leaf flavor.  I really have no green thumb at all, so if I can grow celery, so can you!


* Singles: Homegrown Lunch

Nothing like a rainy day says caprese salad, eh?!  My homegrown lunch.  Well, half homegrown.  Freshly picked basil and a jet star tomato from my garden.  Store-bought mozzarella from my local island market, Hannigan's, drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper from Stonewall Kitchen.  Yummy simplicity at its finest.  I could live off these salads and will be once my tomato plant starts yielding more crop (I started growing a bit late this year)!  Go make one for yourself.... you know you want to.


* Peaks to Portland Swim

I awoke last Saturday morning excited to shoot Emily and John's wedding at the Inn on Peaks Island, drew my curtains open and this was the scene I witnessed.  A blue bird sky, black bodies topped with pink caps scurrying about, and a low chitter chatter of voices.  I had not realized that today was the day of the annual Peaks to Portland Swim.  I only snapped a few shots from my deck, eager to continue getting "in the zone" for photographing the wedding (like many photogs, I have my compulsive system and checklist per se for prepping mentally and physically for the big day!).  So more than capturing the apparent action, I tried to show the patterns of color and movement that my eye tended to see more of from my perch.  Congratulations to all the swimmers who partake in such a fun event!  Quite a feat!

A scene setter shot... what I saw when I opened my curtains!  I laughed out loud.  I knew these little sounds had made their way into my morning dreams.

The moving pink little caps kept grabbing my eye.

The strong sun created defined shadows of the spectators and lit up the fleet of primary colored kayaks ("handlers" and cheerleaders for each swimmer).

Casco Bay was speckled with colors as far as the eye could see.  I loved how the layers were created in the scene with swimmers at the starting line, the prior heat swimming, the furthest out heat beginning to disperse creating more space between each swimmer, the arc of faithful kayaks, nuggets of House Island's day marker and Fort Gorges flanking the scene, and the finish line of Portland's East End off in the distance.

My eye saw the more distinct layers and lines as I zoomed in with my lens for a tighter crop.  I liked the one lone kayak, bright red with a pink flag, in the middle (must have been an official, because another frame I have shows the person looking at the starting line with binoculars).  I could feel the anticipation by this final heat wading up to the start line.  Anxious nerves, excitement, adrenaline, all the training for this moment.

I think I see the patterns more or maybe just differently in black and white.  I see more of the water movement and how it becomes more of a part, a texture in the scene, connecting the other objects and shapes that are the kayaks and swimmers in their various states.

For a closing shot, I thought this was fitting.  This swimmer jumped in the water off the float quite late.   I think I even heard some spectators shout this point of his lateness to him in a playful manner (almost certain it was a male swimmer).  I love that he still jumped into the race, yet makes me wonder where he was when his heat started.  He was definitely eager to catch up to the pack.  I especially enjoyed his two escorts... he is the only swimmer who can say he had both a kayak and an inflatable lobster by his side, cheering him on to the finish line!


* Beth's Bridal Shower in Kennebunk, Maine

One of my best friends, Beth Talbot (now Beth Geary!), had the sweetest bridal shower at her aunt Connie Batson's beautiful home in Kennebunk, Maine near Gooch's Beach (my favorite, where I learned to surf through Nanci Boutet's shop down the road, Aquaholics).  Connie's home was featured in Maine Home + Design in September 2010 and was the perfect venue to host such a gathering -- inviting, relaxing, a definite coastal home capturing the spirit of Maine -- all things important to the guest of honor, Beth.

My other best friend Nicole Lapointe, Beth's soon-to-be sister-in-law and a friend of mine, Colleen Geary, Jen Garrity-Turcotte (all bridesmaids), and aunts Connie and Jane, helped arrange the wonderful afternoon celebrating Beth (and groom John Geary!) and her upcoming wedding.  Tons of delicious homemade food for the lunch and a variety of scrumptious cake pops from Nothing Bakes Like A Parrot, among other desserts, were enjoyed by all.  

Beth and John were married a few weeks ago on June 30 at Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine (I am excited to be shooting Alli and Joel's wedding there this fall for emilie inc.!)  Their wedding was picture perfect and photographer Mark Davidson documented their special day.  It was such a treat that I was an actual guest at my friends' wedding!  I love his teaser shots, so I'm excited to see the rest and will share. 

I am so happy for Beth and John!  Congratulations again you two!  Much love.