* emilie inc.: Potter family session in Kittery, Maine

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a family session for the Potter family -- Banks, Inga, Penn, Fisher, Bancroft, and Whitney (yes, another Whit!) at their home in Kittery, Maine.

When I found out Banks and Inga had four kiddos under the age of 8, I'll admit, I was a smidge nervous.  I always am before a shoot though, which I think is a good thing -- a few butterflies remind me that documenting life for other people still excites me.  But Em calmed me saying, don't worry, you will love them and they will love you.  So I was super excited to meet them all and appreciated them letting me into their home for the afternoon to hang and capture them in their element -- the seemingly mundane activities of a Sunday afternoon that are no doubt enjoyed by the Potters now, but that will hopefully be cherished even more down the road, when the kids get their driver's license, when they graduate from high school, even when their first grandchild is born.  Of course, I hope I could be there to photograph all those big moments in their lives, but I can honestly say a Sunday afternoon at home together is just as special and important of a time to document through photos.  How does the saying go? "It's the little things."

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