* MRG Climbing '60s Theme Night!

A groovy good time climbing at the MRG for sixties theme night!  Jimmy Hendrix even came to boulder!

Click here for more photos!


* Inseparable: the story of my parents (and Bob + Selina)

No, my parents' names are not Bob and Selina.  They are Jim and Candy.  But both couples have taught me an enormous amount about what commitment means, in both life and love.  Both couples share an inseparable bond to each other that is unwavering, uncommon, and undeniably amazing.  

Today is my parents' 41st wedding anniversary, and I (and my brother living overseas in Japan) congratulate them on such a feat.  Forty.  One.  Years.  That is more years than I have been alive in this world.  I respect them for the commitment they have made to each other, the life they have built and lived together, and how they continue to evolve.  I thank them for being such wonderful, loving, encouraging, and supportive parents.  They have set the bar high in marriage, parenting, and life; a bar that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to live up to, but admire greatly and will try my hardest to reach.

I admire Bob and Selina similarly.  They have been married 58 years.  I had the pleasure of meeting this couple during the Roots Workshop (a documentary storytelling workshop that is coming to Maine this year!  Just like my other alma mater, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, the Roots Workshop is another must for photo storytelling).  My second year attending Roots, I was able to document these talented and influential artists in their day-to-day life now on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  I struck up a relationship with them that went beyond Roots, and I subsequently visited them after the workshop to interview them, collect audio, meet their family, and document more moments in photos.  As with my parents, I feel lucky to witness this type of commitment.  I witness so many couples at the start of their commitment as a wedding photographer, which is an amazing choice in itself.  But to see couples who are 41 and 58 years into that commitment is quite phenomenal.  And to hear what they have to say about each other is also just as moving. 

So on my parents wedding anniversary, I thought it fitting for me to make an official post for the little multimedia film I produced on Bob and Selina that I didn't write about when I finished it earlier this year.  It is quite lengthy, about 45 minutes with credits, but I hope you take the time to watch it all.  Turn your speakers up for the audio and music.  Selina's voice is quiet at times, as it was hard for her to project, and I tried to balance her audio in the edit, but it's still a little strained in parts.  I think the audio might have more of an impact on me, but coupled with the still images, I suppose, delivers even more impact.  However, I was the one documenting it all, so I realize I may have a skewed perspective.  I always welcome comments and feedback on any of my work, so feel free to share your perspective with me.

A special thank you to Robert Henry and Selina Trieff -- for letting me into their lives and letting their guard down; for speaking the most honest, heartfelt words I have ever heard anyone say about another person as well as the most raw, truthful words I have heard anyone say about themselves; and for embracing me wholly, far beyond what my camera and audio recorder offer.

Thank you for teaching me the importance you place on art, life, and love.  The weight of this trinity you carry daily, because you have to, you need to.  It is your resolve and who each of you are.

You both inspire me to want to live a life as meaningful and fulfilled as you continue to do so -- as inseparable partners to both each other and your art.

Additional thanks go to the wonderful family and friends of Bob and Selina who helped me to tell this story -- Robert Rindler and his partner James; Chris Duff and his partner Mark; Judy Yorio and the staff at Willy's World Gym; Berta Walker and the Berta Walker Gallery; Dick Miller; Carmen Cicero; Marshall Wood; Donna Byrne; Provincetown Art Association Museum; Sarah Henry and family Michael, Molly, and Emma; Jane Henry and family Tobin Harshaw, Truitt, and Etta; Patrons of Friday Night Summer Art Walks in Wellfleet, MA; Boston University's College of Communication; and the Roots Workshop.


* Today

Today is the day I was born and as the years pass by, I find myself appreciating them more and more.  I celebrate this day differently each year and it is interesting to see how that changes.  I suppose it is a testament to what is important to me at that moment in my life, but of course not limited to.  A birthday reminds you to enjoy the moment, the day your life began.  To me, it is a day of reflection, -- where my life has taken me and imagining where my journey will take me next.  And it is a day of being thankful and grateful -- for who is in my life and all who have helped me get to where I am.

Life is one big adventure, really.  I know I get lost in the day to day sometimes and stressed about this and that.  Everyone does.  But I truly try to take little moments to reset myself.  To stop.  To remind myself to breathe and be in the moment.  Be present.  And smile!  To not go through life, but to live my life, to feel it with every emotion in my soul, every bone and cell in my body, every sight, sound, and smell I feel.

Friends and family, thank you for enriching my life in both big and small ways.  Though I may not see or chat with you all often enough, you still hold a special place in heart.  I hope you are all enjoying your today as much as I am.  Much love.


* Art On The Porch.... this Sunday 8/11

Sunday, August 11, 2013
10am - 3pm
Fifth Maine Regiment Museum
45 Seashore Avenue, Peaks Island, Maine
For more info, call 207.766.3330 

Click here for the Casco Bay Lines Schedule for Peaks Island

This is my second year participating in this awesome local art show!  Last year was so much fun and I am thankful I received such great encouragement.  Come check out dozens of artists and support their work on Sunday, August 11th at the Fifth Maine.  I guarantee you will leave with some beautiful goods you won't be able to resist saying no to!  Come make a day of hanging on Peaks Island -- shop at Art On The Porch, go for a walk or bike around the island, then grab some grub at the pub.  Sunday is supposed to be beautiful weather.  Hope to see you there!


* emilie inc.: WellWed Magazine shoot

The emilie inc. team had a fun shoot together with Krista and her team at WellWed Magazine.  The shoot started at the Portland Company, a great venue locale, and then Steve and I headed to Portsmouth to finish it out.  A busy shoot, but a super fun day!

Click here to see more photos from the shoot.


* 40th Annual Old Port Festival

The 40th annual Old Port Festival was held on Sunday, June 9th, 2013.  It was a gorgeous day.  In recent years or at least the last time I had attended I remember walking around in my rain coat, eating festival food, trying to stay in the mood, despite the rain.  This year the perfect weather drew me out.  After shooting a wedding Saturday and having to crash in town since there were no boats home to Peaks when I rolled into Portland late-night, I took an early boat back Sunday morning (enjoyed some freshly baked banana bread!), and worked on my wedding images until midday.  I decided to take the afternoon off and hopped on a boat to the madness on the mainland.  I don't know anyone who enjoys shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, but I just mentally prepared, telling myself it is all in the spirit of the festival.  I found my zen place, soaked in all the sun, reveled in the people watching, and enjoyed a massive bag of kettle popcorn (the corn was still warm!) and sugary lemonade sipped through a straw.  We walked the rows of arts and craft vendors, I treated myself to a $5 pair of earrings and a beer at Flatbread while waiting for the ferry back home to island calm.  So 2013 brought Old Port Fest success!

 After meeting a friend in the West End, while on our way down to the Old Port Fest, High Street at Congress Street was blocked off due to the bricks separating from a building side.  Crazy sight.  Thankfully no one was hurt.


My friends Russel (aka Sprouts) and Brandon (aka Flakes) flagging down friends on a nearby roof who were watching the festival from above.  Sprouts didn't want his picture taken.

The view from the friend's apartment who graciously let us up for quick peek at the festivities from above.  Great to see so many people out enjoying Portland!

Saw these two characters on my way out of the festival.  Mario and Luigi of the Super Mario Brothers video game.  Hilarious!

* emilie inc.: published in the knot Boston magazine

Ali and Joel's beautiful rustic fall wedding published in the knot's Boston magazine.  Held at Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine, one of my favorite couples and favorite weddings.  They hired a second photographer and Megan did a wonderful job, as usual, on the details.

To see their wedding blog post, click here.

* emilie inc.: Wedding of Becky + Mark at Church Landing in Meredith, NH

When Becky and Mark are around each other, I see two people at ease together, two people who (to coin the phrase) complete each other.  I get the feeling they know the other person is always there, even if they are not actually sitting next to the other.  That they feel the comfort of a best friend and strength that their love gives the other.  Becky's sister Lauren eluded to this in her toast, saying to Mark that Becky feels safe when she is with him.  Lauren was one of the first to know about the special place Mark stood in Becky's life, when she nonchalantly mentioned his name as someone who attended an overseas weekend getaway with her group of friends.  Lauren knew there was more to come based on Becky's giddiness.

The threat of rain gave way to a beautiful day at Church Landing.  Mark was lucky enough to grow up down the road from this lake shore spot that now dons a permanent Sperry Tent on beautifully groomed grounds,  dotted with cozy nooks like a mini beach, stone stairs, and wooden docks for couples to escape to for a quick moment alone. 

Becky and Mark had an easy vibe going for their wedding day.  The tent held the ceremony and cocktail hour and we ducked out for portraits to those cozy nooks.  The celebration was more about their family and friends, and making sure everyone enjoyed some great food, drink, and dancing.  Quiet nods were given to tradition, but their laid-back style still came through.  The ceremony was brief, but a sweet reading was given by their friend who is responsible for introducing Mark and Becky to each other.  Mark doesn't like wearing rings, and this was no big deal to this couple.  Their commitment to love and marriage is still the same with or without one.  However, Becky said she willingly took the opportunity to get one :) -- beautiful diamonds and sapphires, her favorite.  Becky's "something borrowed" were her mom's earrings, and the warm cream-toned dress she wore was extra romantic with her long veil.  Mark and his dad wore the same Vineyard Vines American flag ties, but in different colors.  There was a white mini cake for their cutting, but a spread of never-ending pies were put out for guests to slice as big as they desired.  Before the pies, guests dined on a buffet of delicious food for dinner (some of the best salmon I've had!).  There was an hora just for the two of them, and heartfelt toasts by Becky's father, sister, and Mark's best friend.  Becky's mom was a trooper, a constant smile on her face, even with her jaw wired shut!  Poor thing was towards the end of her six-weeks of treatment after a bad fall that broke her jaw.  Through family portraits and a liquid dinner through a straw, her excitement and happiness for her daughter and new son-in-law never waned.  

Please visit the emilie inc. blog to read and view more photos from Becky and Mark's wedding!

Photo credit:  Three photos below were shot by the talented emilie inc. associate Chris Linscott.  The fourth photo below (both photos) and the eleventh photo below (photo on right).


* Mark your calendars! PeaksFest this weekend + more...

Mark your calendars for upcoming art events on good ol' Peaks Island that I will be participating in and selling my photography at throughout the summer and into the early fall (three events are listed below).  Treat yourself or find a gift for a friend or family.  At the very least, just stop by and say hi!  Hope to see you there!

Click here for the Casco Bay Lines summer ferry schedule to Peaks Island, Maine.

PEAKSFEST... this weekend!
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 21-23, 2013
Various times and locales on Peaks Island, Maine
For more info, visit http://peaksfest.webs.com
Whitney J. Fox Photography + Peaks Beads Studios at 10 + 12 Island Avenue

This weekend is the 12th Annual PeaksFest.  Fortuitously, I am not away shooting a wedding -- pleasantly surprised that I can be on the island for this.  So on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I will be set up with my photos in front of my house, alongside my landlords who have Peaks Beads, jewelry and sea-glass inspired creations.  Off the boat, walk up the hill, take your first right onto Island Avenue, and we're down the block on the right.  Come check us out!

The full schedule is below.  Feel free to print off and bring it with you so you don't miss anything throughout the weekend.

PEAKS ISLAND ART WALKS... this summer!
Varied days, 10am-4pm,  weather permitting
Whitney J. Fox Photography Studio
12 Island Avenue, Peaks Island, Maine
For more info, email whitney@whitneyjfox.com

This will be my second summer participating in these art walks.  While I am often away shooting on weekends, I set up shop outside in front of my house as often as I can, so I'm not limited to just these dates.  If my schedule and weather permit, I set up.  Please feel free to contact me if you are visiting the island and curious if I will be set up or if you have any other questions -- whitney@whitneyjfox.com.

To make the most of your Peaks Island visit, I highly recommend checking out the other island artists as well, walking the island loop (about an hour if strolling slow), and grabbing a drink at the pub, lunch at our various establishments, a sweet treat from the candy and ice cream shop -- or all three!  Like myself, many of the artists' studios are open additional hours and not just limited to these dates, so feel free to contact them for additional information.

Print off this handy art walk map below for your tour around the island.

ART ON THE PORCH... this August!
Sunday, August 11, 2013
Fifth Maine Regiment Museum
45 Seashore Avenue, Peaks Island, Maine
For more info, call 207.766.3330

This is my second year participating in this awesome local art show!  Last year was so much fun and I am thankful I received such great encouragement.  Come check out dozens of artists and support their work on Sunday, August 11th at the Fifth Maine.  I guarantee you will leave with some beautiful goods you won't be able to resist saying no to!