* New Logo for Whitney J. Fox Photography

My friend and former co-worker, the talented Mr. Josh Fisher, created my new Whitney J. Fox Photography logo.  Josh is so great to work with, easy going, creative, and helped me hone my vision through his expertise.  While I love graphic design, I don't actually know what goes into creating things, and I found myself a little lost.  It's essentially a blank canvas.  I don't know how he does it!  Where and how do you begin?!  I even had a moment of "it's just a little logo, it's not a big deal," but it sort of is.  It becomes a little stamp of your identity that people see and derive their own emotions from.  So you need a brand that stays true to you, but connects with the people you are photographing for.  I used to work in the marketing and branding world and had no problem doing this for clients, but doing it for yourself is ten times harder.  As social as I can be, I am still a pretty private person (which is why blogging and Facebook are big steps for me!).  You are forced to ask yourself a laundry list of personal questions -- who are you as a shooter,  what do you represent, who do you shoot, why are you shooting, why is this important, etc.?  Somehow I know the answers to these questions and why I am driven by imagery and making pictures, but it may take some time for me to translate this feeling into words, especially as I revamp my website in the near future.  I'll get there!  For now, Josh has provided me with this logo that hopefully represents who I am as a person and a shooter -- a logo that is documentary in spirit, but still approachable; still utilizes the black and red that I prefer, but is softened by the two new colors, a deep canary yellow and seaglass green.  Thank you, Josh!  I love it.


* Singles: Pure Sugar

I don't think Dunkin' Donuts in Farmington, Maine has labeled this packet clearly enough....