* emilie inc.: Wedding of Elissa + Ishtvan at Phillips Exeter and Abenaqui Country Club in NH

It was years ago that Elissa, who was working as a successful television reporter interviewed Emilie, and kept emilie inc. photography in the back of her mind, knowing someday we would photograph her wedding.  I feel lucky that I was the one to be able to do so.  I was able to hang with Elissa at her parents' home as she prepped for the big day.  I was able to witness her father placing a white balloon at all the neighbor's houses on the street.  His concern for these balloons was adorable, and I wondered if my own father would be doing the same, busying himself with tasks, so he could avoid the inevitable of admitting that one of his little girls was getting married.  Mike's prolonging of this moment was apparent when he whipped himself up the stairs in the foyer, passing by a beautiful Elissa, clad in her stunning dress, stating he couldn't fully comment on how beautiful she looked until she had her veil on.  "It doesn't count, until you have the veil on," Mike rationalized.  Elissa's sister Diana was dutiful, making sure she fully understood how to fluff the dress train, and her bridesmaids Bryn and Meegan making sure they understood the complicated bustle.  Betty, Elissa's mom, provided singing and dancing, making a plea for all of us to "save a horse, ride a cowboy."  She continued this mission later during the reception when the Big & Rich song came on and she promptly do-si-do'd with Ishtvan.....

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* emilie inc.: Wedding of Kairsten + Mark at the Community House in Kennebunkport, Maine

It was strange for a moment driving down Laudholm Farm Road, but stopping short of the property I have become so familiar and in love with this year, and driving right past another yellow farmhouse on a beautifully manicured piece of land.  Yep, had to turn around, but made it to Kairsten's parents house to meet her for pre-ceremony preparations.  The house was so quiet and calm, I had no idea there were almost 10 people there getting ready!  I had met Kairsten with her fiance Mark once at the emilie inc. studio and she and I had conversed via phone and email a few times in the months leading up to their wedding day.  Needless to say, I was super excited for this small, intimate celebration with about 40 guests in Kairsten's hometown of Kennebunkport.

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* Pecha Kucha's new website!

Pecha Kucha Portland has a new website compliments of the talented Daryl Turicek and the rest of the board.  I am so excited for them as I know this has been a big project in the making.  I am happy I could be a small part of it by documenting their 19th PK event this past spring.  I loved the complete creative freedom I had to photograph it how ever I wished.  It is very cool now seeing the photo sets of the other photographers on the new website and how similarly and differently we approached the same task.

Check it out if you have a chance.... www.pkportland.org

* emilie inc.: Wedding of Meredith + Ryan at Wentworth by the Sea Country Club in Rye, NH

I met Meredith and Ryan at one of my favorite local establishments, RiRa.  I only suggested this because I knew the two had met at another Irish pub in South Boston, the Farragut House.  Conversation was easy and we all got excited discussing the details of the big day (Ryan lost his fight for seersucker suits!).  Finally, after a few questions about their past, we realized Ryan's uncle Bo Tierney was my high school teacher at Bishop Fenwick in Peabody, MA!  Mr. Tierney and his family hold a special place in my heart, so I was ecstatic to know he would be at their wedding.  I was also excited to hear that my parents' name twins would be at the wedding as well -- both my and Meredith's parents are named Candy and Jim!

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