* emilie inc.: Wedding of Kristen + Michael at Dockside Guest Quarters in York, Maine

Kristen and Michael had a simply sweet wedding in York, Maine at the Dockside Restaurant and Guest Quarters right on the harbor.  Despite a little chilly weather, the day was fabulous!

Please visit the emilie inc. blog to read and view more of their wedding.


* Singles: My tasty lunch

This looked so delicious to me I had photograph it.  I'll keep working on my food photography though... something I do enjoy shooting.

Baked fresh cracked pepper salmon, organic lettuce cut just now from the little vegetable garden my landlords and I have, avocado and Olivia's Garden cherry tomatoes from the Rosemont Produce Company on Commercial Street, sliced mushrooms and peach, topped with hot pepper sesame oil for dressing.  

* emilie inc.: Peaks Island wedding of Renee + Jon

An amazing day on Peaks Island, Maine - my own 'hood! - for the sweet wedding of Renee McDonnell and Jon Quebbeman at the Trefethen Evergreen Improvement Association.  So happy for you two!  Congratulations!

Please visit the emilie inc. blog to read and view more of their wedding.


* Pecha Kucha at Space Gallery

The May Pecha Kucha Night was held at Space Gallery on Congress Street in Portland, Maine.  Board Member Daryl Turicek and I had been in touch for previous Pecha Kucha events, but my schedule never allowed.  I am so excited that it finally worked out for me to photograph one.  Embarrassing, but I can't believe I had never actually attended a Pecha Kucha before.  It is so cool.  It breeds creativity.  In that spirit, I tried to play with my photography a bit, pushing the line a little more than my typical event shooting coverage... attempting to make really creative, visually stimulating, impactful images, rather than cover everything I see.  Of course, the natural documentarian in me still did that to a degree, but final deliverables to the board were more creative selects.  In this blog post, however, I included more shots, so I could show each lovely presenter.  I am looking forward to future PK nights.  Hope to see you there.

To sum up what Pecha Kucha is, presenters have 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide to show their work.  The approach and topics run the gamut, artistry and creativity prevail, and the forced brevity often leads to a bout of laughter by all at some juncture.  I commend anyone for presenting... 6 minutes and 40 seconds is a long time to fill.  And in case you were wondering like I was, "Pecha Kucha" began in Tokyo, is pronounced "Peh-Chak-Cha," and translates to the Japanese term for "chit chat."

To learn more about Pecha Kucha in Portland, Maine and other locations around the state, visit www.pechakuchaportland.org.

To learn more about Pecha Kucha around the world, visit www.pecha-kucha.org.

Space Gallery hosted the Pecha Kucha Night.

Space Gallery is such a cool space for events and hosts many.  The lack of lighting for PK and the dark ceilings provided a good, creative challenge for my photography.

The venerable Sean Wilkinson of Might & Main was emcee for the night.

Packed in crowd ready to be wowed at Space Gallery.

Arthur Fink presented "My Creative Process" (and is my neighbor on Peaks Island).

Paul Lewandowski presented "Couture d’Intérieu." 

Kiddos in awe of a presentation (these siblings and their dad are fellow Peaks Islanders).

One of Paul Lewandowski's creations.

Nathan Fogg presented "The Orifice Series" (not to be confused with "The Office Series").

Nathan Fogg.

PK Board Member Kyo Bannai (center) enjoys a presentation with a smile.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at the end of the night.

Howard Hatch presented "Form & Function."

Howard Hatch.

One of the sponsors for the night, bild ARCHITECTURE, founded by PK Board Member Evan Carroll and his wife Sasha Salzberg, whom I had the pleasure of meeting.

Attendees enjoying an intermission under a disco ball.  We should have turned it on!

Intermission, stretch those legs.

Intermission, ahhh the fresh air of Congress Street.  Actually, it was a thousand degrees inside Space due to all the people burning with creativity, so the city air did feel refreshing.

Julie Vohs presented "Art & Gestation."

Adam Chittenden presented "A Traveler's Journal."

Adam Chittenden.

Adam Chittenden.

Sarah Sutton presented "Why Love Foodtrucks?"  Her truck can be found at Fort Williams Park.  Mainebiz recently ran a story on whether food trucks will be allowed in Portland.

Sarah Sutton.

Sarah Sutton.

Spectators soaking in the slides.

Kaitlyn Hunter presented "Biomorphic Meanderings."

Willow Ross presented "Loss, Desire & Fantasy."

Willow Ross.

Liz Mortati presented "Inside Outsider Art."

Liz Mortati.

Mike Libby presented "Do Not Touch."  I was happy to finally meet Mike after many phone calls and emails to buy one of his amazing insect art pieces (Insect Lab Studio) for my mother.

Mike Libby.  Yo.

The view the presenters had from their podium, drenched in bright spotlight, and decorated with a bell that when rung would kick-start the slides.  Could you imagine yourself here?  If so, be a presenter at the next Pecha Kucha!


* Peaks Island Art Walks

This is the first year I am participating in the Peaks Island Art Walks.  While I myself won't be present (I am booked photographing weddings), some of my photos will be on display and available with Skip and Andy Davis' Peaks Beads.  They have very cool sea glass window pane mosaics and beautiful jewelry.  I will have both framed and matted photos there.  I am located at 12 Island Avenue and Peaks Beads is next door at 10 Island Avenue.  If there is ever a photo you see on my site or elsewhere that interests you and you do not see it at one of my displays, please feel free to contact me directly at whitney@whitneyjfox.com to discuss.  Throughout the summer and fall, I will be setting up my shop when my schedule and weather permit, but if you plan a visit, feel free to email me ahead of time to see if I will be open.

Peaks Island has such a wonderful art community that is quite expansive considering we are a fairly tiny island.  I think island life cultivates creativity.  Many of us seek refuge here, despite the obvious parameters.  As many of my friends know, much of my life is dictated by a boat schedule, but I have decided I would rather take a 20 minute boat ride over a 20 minute car ride.  My parents have also come to love the island, buying a home here almost two years ago.  Their boat anxiety has lessened considerably and they now spend more time on the island than at their other home in the South End of Boston.  For me, I think this island community balances my life's scales.  I feel centered and calm when I am at home on the shore's edge overlooking Casco Bay and, on a clear day, Mt. Washington.  Many of my friends are always pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the trip to Peaks is and yet they feel far away from the mainland hustle and bustle.  So come visit for one or all of the Peaks Island Art Walks this summer, support the community, and enjoy a slice of island life for the day!