* Cuyahoga Valley National Park in northeast Ohio

I really only saw a glimpse of Cuyahoga Valley National Park when visiting a friend recently in Ohio. It was a quick drive through the park area near Akron, but covered some ground. The fresh snowfall made for a festive wintry feeling, which has been lacking this season in both Ohio and Maine. I'm sure there are some good summertime hikes through this park.

Visiting as many state and national parks in this country is sort of on my bucket list. Like doing the Appalachian Trail -- I bought a map of the AT when I did some exploring in Shenandoah National Park in the Front Royal, VA area this past September and have it hanging in my kitchen as inspiration to do it. Climbing Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Millinocket, Maine this summer really planted the seed as it is the northern terminus for the AT. Part of Sugarloaf Mountain, where I work, is on the trail, too, and continues north near my place in Stratton, Maine. I know a few folks who have hiked the entire trail, and I commend them for such a feat! I'm also a bit envious, because I have a feeling I'll only continue to hike the trail in random chunks!

(I will be posting photos from Katahdin and Shenandoah, too!)


* Interiors: Details of a home

I shot some architectural photos for a couple books Brooklyn Then and Now and Boston Then and Now and gained a huge appreciation for this type of photography. Local photographer Trent Bell, who shoots for Maine Home + Design and other publications, spoke during a PUG meeting (back when emilie inc. hosted them and the Studio was on Congress Street), and that also opened my eyes to the beauty of buildings, spaces, and light. Last year, with friends in the process of planning renovations on their home and my parents actually doing renos on their Peaks Island house, I had re-decorating/re-design on the mind. Honestly, my age and now just having an interest in (someday!) owning my own home has much to do with my peaked interest. When I'm getting my sweat on at the gym, the only channel I watch is HGTV -- I'm addicted to all those buying/selling/renovation/beautiful homes shows! So this is my first post of this nature, but this type of photography really interests me and hope to keep practicing and posting more images of the like.

I was struck by the way the light was streaming into my friend's house at this moment....