* Today

Today is the day I was born and as the years pass by, I find myself appreciating them more and more.  I celebrate this day differently each year and it is interesting to see how that changes.  I suppose it is a testament to what is important to me at that moment in my life, but of course not limited to.  A birthday reminds you to enjoy the moment, the day your life began.  To me, it is a day of reflection, -- where my life has taken me and imagining where my journey will take me next.  And it is a day of being thankful and grateful -- for who is in my life and all who have helped me get to where I am.

Life is one big adventure, really.  I know I get lost in the day to day sometimes and stressed about this and that.  Everyone does.  But I truly try to take little moments to reset myself.  To stop.  To remind myself to breathe and be in the moment.  Be present.  And smile!  To not go through life, but to live my life, to feel it with every emotion in my soul, every bone and cell in my body, every sight, sound, and smell I feel.

Friends and family, thank you for enriching my life in both big and small ways.  Though I may not see or chat with you all often enough, you still hold a special place in heart.  I hope you are all enjoying your today as much as I am.  Much love.